About Us

The Midwest Classic Stockcar Assoc. was founded in October
2011 by Eric Cerny and Evelyn Brester. It had been a dream of
Eric's for years to found a vintage racing group featuring cars
from the 50's, 60's, and early 70's with 2 main ideas. Save our
stock car racing history and above all HAVE FUN! With Evelyn's
help, Eric's dream came true. There were already a few vintage
stock cars in the area due to previous attemtps at a vintage
racing club and a special Vintage race held at US 30 Speedway
in Columbus NE. So Eric contacted a few of them with his idea
and the ball was rolling. Eric and Evelyn along with friends
Tyler Hiner and Anthony Melcher immediately began
construction of Eric's car, a 1953 Chevy 210, sitting on a 73
Monte Carlo frame. The car was featured at the Racer's Winter
Swap Meet in Columbus in January 2012 and the MCSA held
it's first official meeting that evening following the Swap Meet.
About 20 people attended and the MCSA booked their first
race for that summer at US 30 Speedway in Columbus.  The
first night saw only 4 cars make it, but the club was started.  
The first feature win went to Mike Ganskow, who is now a
member of the Advisory Council, along with JayDee Becker and
Jamie Richards. By years end they had 9 cars at the final show
and 12 cars registered with the group. They also raced at
Riviera Raceway in Norfolk NE. Since 2012 the MCSA has
grown to over 25 cars in the group and has appeared at 11
different tracks across the Midwest. The club continues to see
more growth and is looking forward to adding new cars and
drivers all the time.   


The MCSA is considered a semi-competitive racing group,  We
have 2 main objectives. 1. Save our Stock car racing history
and 2.  HAVE FUN!!  We have simple rules regarding our cars,
focusing mainly on safety.  Cars can be either old originals or
reproductions built on newer frames with vintage bodies. We
call it semi-competitive, because while we do all race hard, we
do so carefully and due to the big diversity in our cars, we have
a rule that once you win a race, you must start in the back and
cannot win the next 2 events.  
If winning is ALL you care
about, this is Not the group for you! This is for the
person who just wants to race and have fun doing so in
really cool looking cars!!  
 Remember, its all about having
FUN, while putting on a great show for the people in the
stands!  :) We hope you consider joining us!